Wine Refrigeration

Wine rooms are fairly common in our area; however, they're a bit of a specialized field. It's not enough to be knowledgeable about the equipment. A successful installation relies on a proper "envelope" of the wine room. Wine rooms call for a low temperature (55° – 65°) at a higher relative humidity (60% – 70%), the exact opposite conditions of what are required for a comfortable, healthy home. Therefore, construction of the wine room is crucial to ensure proper conditions for your valuable collection, as well as to avoid costly damage and potential health issues that can arise as a result from an improper design. At CNR, we've worked with many builders and wine room designers who specialize in wine room construction. We're adept at maintaining wine systems, identifying potential issues, and in the unfortunate event that an issue with the construction of your room exists, we can connect you with the right people to remedy the situation.